Beat Lupus (symptoms) Naturally

Step by Step actionable advice to help you Beat Lupus Symptoms

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Restore your health and take back your life (from Lupus)

Beat Lupus Naturally is a unique online program that teaches you everything you need to know to restore your health using our gut healing protocol, nutrition, food as medicine, supplements, lifestyle advice and personalised professional support.

Does the idea of trying natural solutions to Beat Lupus appeal to you but you are confused about how to do this?

Has previous dietary advice left you with little or no alleviation of your symptoms?

Are you looking for researched educated advice with successful case studies to provide promise?

Are you scared of the medications mounting up for your Lupus and would like to try a different approach?

Beat Lupus Naturally has the resources

you need all in one place. Together we can

kick your Lupus symptoms for good.

Cody Kennedy. Australian Naturopath with a passion for helping people recover from Lupus

Here is what's included in the six week program

Setting the foundation

We kick start the program by setting a solid foundation of understanding

  • What causes Lupus?
  • Drivers of disease explained and how to work out what yours are
  • Blood work, using recent test results to evaluate your progress
  • The gut healing protocol a 4 week program to rebalance the bowel flora and reduce any digestive discomfort
  • Functional testing explained with optional additional testing
  • Genetic testing and knowing how your genetic make up can help improve your health
  • Weekly emails to keep you on track
Food to nourish and nurture

In this all important module you will be provided with advice on the best food choices to help control lupus symptoms. The following are areas we will cover in detail

  • The Lupus Diet explained
  • Recipe resources
  • Raw foods
  • Fasting the pros and cons

We will also discuss how to incorporate healing foods into your every day life and importantly which foods are significant to alleviate symptoms such as

  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety
  • Reflux/heartburn and more

Finally I will tell you about fermented foods and when they are warranted and when they aren’t! You will also get a detailed 4 week meal plan and shopping list to help you get started.

This module is available as a standalone purchase click here for information

Supplements for health

This module with teach you

  • Which supplements you should ALL be taking
  • Why some herbal medicines are bad for Lupus and other cautions explained
  • Understanding the supplements you are currently taking and why they possibly aren’t working
  • What the best nutrients are for specific symptoms such as fatigue, joint pain, brain fog and insomnia
  • Supplements for other common health complaints such as high or low blood pressure, herpes and restless legs syndrome
  • An overview of common Lupus medications
  • The importance of professional guidance when taking supplements
Environmental impacts

This module is about bringing it all together and includes an important lesson on how we live and how our day to day life can impact our health. It will include

  • Ways to better manage the disease
  • Sleep, rest, stress and dental health why they are all connected to your success in beating Lupus
  • Mould exposure
  • Sunlight and UV protection (including my view on sunscreen)
  • Chemicals and reducing exposure
  • Practical ways to manage the toxic burden in our ever changing world


One on one supplement review

We will schedule a Skype call and discuss your symptoms, medications (if applicable) and put together a safe, supplement plan designed just for you. These supplements will help your body function at an optimum level and reduce the severity of your most pressing symptoms.


  • #1
    Lupus Flares

    Lupus flares are an annoying and often serious part of the disease. This module will cover

    • Reducing the likelihood of a disease flare
    • Reducing the duration of a sick period
    • How to manage having a flare
  • #2
    Kidney Health

    This bonus module is for those of you with Kidney involvement you will learn

    • A diet to reduce the stress on the kidneys
    • Foods to improve kidney function
    • Lifestyle advice for better kidney health
    • How to improve your GFR
    • How to reduce creatinine and urea
    • Supplements to support and nourish the kidneys


    This module is available as a standalone purchase click here for information

  • #3
    The Lupus Cookbook

    A complimentary copy of The Lupus Cookbook which will help you follow the diet I have designed specifically for Lupus. It includes 49 recipes I have developed which are grain, egg, dairy, alcohol and nut free

  • #4
    Meditations for healing

    Meditating can reduce stress and disease activity

    3 meditations include

    • Coping with pain
    • Promoting sleep
    • Promoting healing
  • #5
    Closed Facebook group

    You will be invited to join a closed Facebook group STRICTLY limited to participants of this course. In the group I will GO LIVE once or twice weekly and you will have direct access to me to ask any questions. We can also use this group to encourage and support one another along the way and share ideas on recipes, lifestyle advice and health tips

  • #6
    Lupus and Pregnancy

    In this extra bonus module I will cover the following

    • Making the decision to try for a baby when you have Lupus
    • Pre baby blood tests to check for deficiencies
    • Pre conception planning for both males and females
    • A healthy pregnancy
    • A healthy child

Who is this course for?

You have Lupus and you are interested in trying natural methods to treat your disease. Or you are a carer, helper, family friend of someone who has Lupus and they need help and support managing their disease. You could be taking medications to help your symptoms or you could be medication free but you need some guidance to find the right treatment plan that works for you.

You have recently been diagnosed with Lupus and you don't know much about it but you know you want to learn as much as possible to beat it

You have tried every drug in the book but you are tired of all the side effects, you have been thinking about trying something new for a while now

You have had Lupus for many years and have dabbled in changes to your diet such as paleo but never given it a solid shot

You have a family member who has Lupus and they need someone to support them whilst they try alternatives to manage the disease better

Ultimately if you are determined and ready to BEAT Lupus Naturally then this course will provide you with the support and advice you need

Tell me more


Fill in the enquiry form and book a Skype chat with Naturopath Cody Kennedy.

She can discuss your Lupus and tell you if this course is suitable for you.


  • If you follow the program as I have outlined it you will see a positive change in your health
  • All the information in the program is based on research and PROVEN evidence based medicine
  • If you make a direct enquiry to me, I will personally respond within 48 hrs

Here are some questions you may have

I'm on heaps of Medications for my Lupus is this program right for me?

Would you like to get OFF some of those medications? Then absolutely YES this is right for you. I always recommend running by your specialist any supplements you are going to take but I will also give you some cautions in regards to interactions with medications so you can travel through the modules safely. The one on one supplement review skype session is designed to put you at ease and advise you on safe supplements to take.

Will there be any additional costs aside from the cost of the program?

Part of the program entails that you take some supplements to enhance your recovery, these may be in the form of powders, liquids or capsules. There is some financial outlay for you to purchase the supplements but hey you spend money on medications and this may actually heal you not just mask over your symptoms! It is up to you how many of the supplements you purchase.

How do I buy the supplements?

Don’t worry I have that covered. I will give you links to a few different websites so you can buy the best quality supplements online. If you would rather source them locally thats ok just make sure the dose and ‘type’ of supplement is exactly the same as I have recommended.

I would love to do the course but I am concerned I won't be available to complete it in the 6 week period?

You will have access to the course material forever so if there is anything you need to go over again or recap you can always refresh your memory with the ongoing access. It is self paced so it is up to you how quickly you want to work through the material.

Praise for Cody Kennedy

Finding Beat Lupus Naturally has changed my life. I have been on the program for 3 months now and I have had amazing results in reducing my lupus activity. I no longer have joint pain. I have a lot more energy and for the first time when I saw my rheumatologist she did not prescribed me any new medication because I just don't need it. Cody really is there for you through the whole journey and really cares about your specific needs. If you want to beat lupus I really believe naturally is the best way.

Just recently being diagnosed with Lupus, I didn't know what to do, and thankfully found Cody's website. In her Skype sessions she immediately put me at ease and provided me with a plan. I already feel an improvement in my body and mind, and hopefully will have this illness under control with Cody's help. She also supported me on the emotional side of discovering I had this illness, and she is intent on getting to the root cause, of how it all started. This is by far the best money we have spent on getting well again.