About Cody Kennedy

Naturopath - Herbalist - Nutritionist

Cody Kennedy believes that the human body is smart. Smart enough to heal itself with just a little bit of help. As principal naturopath at CK Health (incorporating Beat Lupus Naturally), Cody offers this help via her extensive knowledge of natural medicine and a passion to steer clients toward their version of optimal wellness.

She has been working in the natural health industry for over 12 years and understands the hurdles and challenges someone with an auto immune disease faces. Cody has been personally touched by Lupus (SLE) because her Husband has it. They have travelled the Lupus journey together and this is what ignited a passion for the disease initially. She now works predominantly with clients who have Lupus and other auto immune diseases in her private practice.

Cody believes better health can be achieved by firstly addressing the cause of the disease and then combining the right blend of nutrition, lifestyle modifications and supplements.

All of these things together create a better environment for the body to function and repair.

Always eager to learn more, Cody is currently studying an Honours Degree in Complimentary Medicines Management and her keen interest in research has awarded her a Graduate Diploma in Evidence Based Medicine. You can rest assured that everything in this course has been researched, tested and researched again!

When she’s not consulting in her Newcastle clinic (or over Skype), Cody loves dreaming of her next travel adventure and playing frisbee with her energetic four-year-old son.

Cody and Little Mr Cheeky