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Beat Lupus Naturally is a highly effective program that has changed the lives of people in many countries. It is a unique online program that teaches people with Lupus everything they need to know to restore their health. It includes my gut healing protocol, detailed advice on nutrition and supplements, lifestyle advice and personalised Naturopathic support.
There are also 2 individual modules from the program available for sale Food for Nutrition (link to food sales page) and Lupus Kidney Health (link to kidney sales page).
I am currently seeking individuals or companies who are interested in partnering with me. The commission rate is generous and sign up is easy!

Step one

Complete the application form. Someone from my office will contact you within 48 business hours.

Step two

You will be given a unique link to share on social media and with your clients.

Step three

Get familiar with the affiliate portal where you can download banners for your website and keep track of your sales and commissions.

Lupus is an awful disease and by promoting this product you are not just being rewarded financially, but you are helping people in great distress to live a more rewarding life.

The affiliate program is screened to ensure that we only accept people who are fully accepting of my beliefs and values.

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